HEFEST Forensic Engineering offers training in fire investigation techniques and in origin and cause investigation of accidents in the field of forensic engineering.

1st Practical seminar
of fire investigation

During the days 17 and 18 of March 2016, HEFEST Forensic Engineering offered the 1st Practical seminar of fire investigation with the collaboration of Bombers de Catalunya. For two days several activities took place with the objective of sharing our knowledge and experience with the different collectives related with fire investigation, using a pioneer learning methodology in Catalonia.


The first day activities took place in the Reus Fire Station, where fire dynamics where studied with the ignition of a prepared scenario to witness the different phases of a fire dynamics and its extinction in an interior located fire. Other prepared and previously burned scenarios specifically for this purpose were examined, as well as a sample of different heat sources which can provoke a fire, different fire accelerating patterns, etc.


The second day of the seminar activities were carried out at the Centre de Coordinació Operativa de Catalunya, where Mr Peter Dahl, fire investigator in the United States of America and with a great experience in Burn to Learn, gave a lecture. Afterwards, a joint analysis of the investigations performed the previous day in the study scenarios was made, projecting videos of the fires and showing their origin and fire dynamics.


All the scenario created for the seminar were designed to reproduce in a very detailed way different rooms in a home, introducing different situations that the seminar participants could investigate following the guidelines explained to them. The different scenarios were used as well to test and practice different strategies of fire extinction.

Other training

HEFEST Forensic Engineering has carried out several training courses about the origin and cause investigation in the field of forensic engineering to the employees of different companies, with the objective to provide them with the necessary tools to make their work more effective.